Advent W2

The second week of Advent is typically themed with Peace in the Christian tradition.

Yesterday morning at the beginning of my meditation I was wondering how I was going to experience Peace since there was non inside of me!

Surprisingly, Mary-Magdalene cam to my rescue. She appeared in my meditation reminding me of the feminine aspect of Spirit, the humble, kind and embracing nature of Love.

As she appeared, I had this magnificent vision of a frail looking woman. Though as she hugged me I sensed great strength coming from her. Her gentle touch brought me to my knees.

It reminded me that all my life I had to be strong. Strong for myself and often strong for others, too. Partly, because I was a woman, partly because I grew up on a rough environment. My grandfather taught me to stand up for myself, never show my emotions and always to appear unreachable and strong. That made me a Tom-boy and unknowingly limited my experiences in life when it came to emotions and being a woman.

Mary-Magdalena’s appearance showed me a unique way of being – loving combined with gumption. Though she looked small and somewhat weak, she also resembled a young version of Mother Theresa; she radiated life and vibrancy.

Receiving is a gift. The ability to receive is not bestowed on us from birth, we must earn it.

The world tends to be a judgmental place. We are under scrutiny all the time. Sadly, we are our own harshest judges. The self-deprecating light in which we see ourselves is reflects exactly that back to us.

As a result, we go around with ever bleeding wounds demanding that someone should heal us! Unfortunately, no one can. Healing needs to be self-inflicted.

The gift of receiving is the result of self-healing – the result of the process of self-embracing, self-love, self-acceptance. You name it! Just like with EFT or Tapping the healing begins with the sentence ‘I accept myself, nonetheless.’

The ability to receive the goodness of life appears with the equal measure of gentle mothering of the Self – the unconditional self-embracing of the inner ‘child’.

At the end of my vision Mary-Magdalena embraced me the last time amalgamating herself with me. I received the greatest Gift ever given.

Therefore, my focus for the second week of Advent is on the nurturing mother, Mary-Magdalena, whose gentle embrace allows me to heal and start receiving the gift; the Gift of unconditional Love of the Mother.

On a secondary note, may I just say, that now I understand where my responsibility lies in terms of ‘creating my life’. We are not all blessed with a handsome and strong mind that is trained to follow orders and execute them without fail. I have a creative mind that is only interested in ‘what’s next?’ or ‘how to fix it?’ It is like a rebellious teenager who cares none of my ideas for the ‘better’ or my sense of discipline.

Nevertheless, my life is still the result of my making whether I can regulate my mind or not. After all, it is my responsibility is to heal, to forgive and to let go. Moving on or doing better is not only down ‘to mind control’ but to emotional freedom. Very often, we need the latter.

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