Advent W3


Today we start the third week of Advent that is themed by Joy. To some extent a sense of joy is a sign of happiness.

So, what makes you happy?
I am sure that are as many answers as readers.

But in all honesty, there is only one answer to this rather banal question.

As soon as you stop wanting and expecting something that is not there in your life right now, you are happy. Unhappiness and dissatisfaction is caused by neediness and living in a constant string of ‘what’s next.

But how? We are bombarded daily with more and more desirable ‘whatsoevers’ to have or behold. How could you live without wanting something that is not presently in your life when the whole worlds is like a giant road ad sign.

Today, I had numerous conversations with people about focus.

Just to stay practical, how about shifting our focus from ‘what could I have next?’ to something that is already in our lives and is capable of providing a sense of fulfillment and joy?

Like singing. Most of us sings for the joy of singing and making music. I know people who quilt and finds it most enjoyable being surrounded with the other seamstresses while witnessing a piece of artwork come to life by their hands. I am sure that there are many examples of activities that take us out of the ‘wanting zone’ and places our attention to the present moment, when we have all that we need to be happy right now.

I personally find active meditation the most joyful of all. It can be walking or just listening to and following a guided mediation. They relax and replenish me completely. As I connect with a deeper sense of myself, I forget about everything that I wish I had, and focus into a Stream where there I lack nothing. If I can keep my focus in it, at some point, I become carefree and start experiencing inexplicable Joy.

How do you trick you mind out of the maze?

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