Genesis and I

There is always and inner and an outer journey. They happen along one another. It is as if I existed on two different planes at the same time. My body, emotions, mental consents and my imagination run on the plane of free will. They collect experiences, go from one places to another, meet different people and learn to be useful and let go their own desires along the way. Whereas my soul longs to return to her Source, Love Itself and so she journey her way through different realms, collecting her true identity and deepening her commitment along the way.

Reading the Genesis, I came to understand how much my life is both an inner climbing and an outer unfolding. As I was reading about the many twists and turns of the protagonists of Genesis, I started to see some resemblance to my own life. I understand now that my life is not linear and it unfolds on two plains:both on an inner and on an outer sphere.

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