How to find PEACE? V2

Today, as I was reading some text, suddenly a sentence popped up, a quote by Julia Cameron. Sentence gave me the answer to the questions in my recent post ‘how to find peace?’ and acceptance of things that I somehow find unacceptable.

It says that “creativity is an act of faith“. I suddenly understood that the only way I can accept things that are seemingly unacceptable to me is that I simply have faith. I have faith that whatever is happening right now is OK … not great, not good… but OK. I can believe that everything that happens in life happens for our highest good. I may not see or understand what that highest good is but I can have faith that it exists with a good enough reason and that it works … eventually.

Regarding Brexit, I chose to have faith that whatever is happening with the Brits right now is for the highest good of us all. It may not seem that way, oh, it so does not! I still chose to refocus and rest my mind in the knowing that all is well!

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