How to find PEACE?

Brexit is happening … Boris got the vote …
I am disappointed … and sad … and outraged …

The news from the UK threw me completely. I went into a rage, blaming and shaming. Why don’t people just get it that it is about keeping the Peace?? The most basic function of the EU is to make sure we do not kill each other in meaningless wars of greed! Luckily there was no one around to witness it.

I am hart-broken with the knowledge that we appreciate more the comfort that our finances provide than the warm embrace of another human being. We still prefer hate over differences to appreciating our differences.
The hell with it all!

After I recovered from my initial shock, I remembered that, funnily enough, the theme of the second week of Advent is Peace. Finding peace is a challenge for us all, it seems. The world is a vile place that resembles little of our true nature of kindness and peacefulness, and our capacity for love of self and another.

I am often angry with myself and others for making choices that do not reflect our ability to see beyond our immediate needs. At the same time, I see very clearly now that nothing needs changing or fixing. So, I must find the way to be OK with people’s choices whether it is personal or it is on a national scale. I need to find the way to let go and find peace with life! With or without Boris. Just as it is!

But how? Words are easy to be said but kept? What could I do to truly ACCEPT – stop arguing and fixing in my case – particularly when all I see is less than perfect.
How can I feel safe knowing that Life is unpredictable and mostly insane?
How to accept the unacceptable?
Not only in words but in acts?

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