Karmic Patterns

Not quite sure how to say this because it is hard to understand.
Well, I often wonder where my thoughts come from.

For decades I believed that one CAN change one’s mind by inserting new ‘programs’ into it, just like into a computer. There are many well-researched theories claiming that it only takes the brain 29 days to reprogram itself just by reaffirming a new ‘program’ into it.

I am not sure if it is completely true.

Drawing from personal experience, I now believe that you can only ‘change’ those programs that were implanted during this life-time. For example, if you were told as a child that you were no good and you took it on board as you would, it is still possible for you to reverse this impediment as an adult by rigorous retraining and erasing of the ‘message’. Miraculously, after having reprogrammed your mind and released the negative input, you can find yourself e.g. happily working in a profession that you are truly good at and appreciated in.

Unfortunately, it is not so the same in cases where God is involved in the handicap. These special defects are called Karma. You cannot reprogram a Karma.

Have you ever considered why most Lottery winners who tend to be from humble backgrounds, lose or spend all the money they won in a matter of 1-3 years? According to research most of the winners manage to win more than once. I believe that though these people succeed in getting to that level of reprogramming of their humbled begging where they can attract goodies into their lives but they cannot hold onto it because part of their psyche is attached to a Karmic pattern that cannot be overwritten just by repeating (seeing, hearing, visualizing, etc.) various positive phrases.

It is true that where your focus is it is where you are going but occasionally you cannot change your focus, no mater how hard you try. It simply won’t shift, not because you are not willing or committed enough but because it is unchangeable by its nature.

Do you remember the story of Romeo and Juliet. They called their misfortune Fate. Fate is Karma. “A broad river divides my lovers: family, duty, fate. As unchangeable as nature.”

This ‘broad river’ is Karma, or turning away from God thinking that parts of us is unlovable.

Karma sounds like some mystical mambo-jumbo but in actuality it is part of our Soul-Consciousness. The Soul carries unloved or unforgiven debris from lifetime to lifetime. Soul is the 21 gram that leaves the body upon death.

In my observation, one can retrain the brain and along with that our emotional and psychological consciousness but you cannot rewire the Soul.

The only purpose of the Soul is liberation and so IT does not much care about possessions or having a good time. It only wants to go Home and reunite with ITS Source. Therefore, IT cannot support our wishes or dreams to become millionaires and/or a famous artist. Apart from reunification, the Soul wants to express ITS unique qualities that is part of God so as long as you can align you Ego with your Soul’s intentions you can have a fulfilling and joyful life. BUT it is not a life that you (Ego) dreams for yourself, it is a life that your Soul dreams for you.

Therefore, no matter how many positive statements you may mumble daily if they are not aligned with your Soul’s purpose it is unlikely that they will materialize.

Additionally, since Karma cannot be fixed, changed or rewired IT only be forgiven. Karma is not some bad programming, it is an inherent impediment. The Soul wants the Mind to help IT release and let go of consciously.

Because it is a conscious action in the physical, the first step is the realization of the handicap, getting really familiar with it. Then the next step is allowing it to be because Karma is not something you want to change or overcome. It is an agreement of your Soul. Karma can only be forgiven and then released. It gets resolved in God’s Loving for you that is also called Grace.

Though Karmic patterns sound spooky and some even say it is silly to think that Soul has such prominence in our lives. Well, believe what you must. At the beginning of the 21st Century it is self-evident that living creatures possess a Living-Essence, a Soul as it were, that is part of God. You may call it differently. You may not believe the existence of God because the numerous misconceptions of God throughout history. Finally, you may not want to become aware of the different parts of you at all.

It is up to you.

However, you must know that every single part of us has a specific role in our lives. Just building muscles and eating healthy will not solve you existential problems or your heartaches. It is time to look deeper.

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