I find it very interesting that this year we observed the 50 days of Easter in a very unusual manner; in social distancing. It seems to me that the Holy Spirit has descended on us all and stirred us all in a way that we suddenly found ourselves in some kind of a havoc. All this, however, was carefully planned, in my opinion, not as some conspiracy theory but as an intervention. It was time for us to stop our insane way of living and start observing life in its purity. Sooner or later we had to regain some sense of decorum but we were too far down the line to do that on our own.

Looking back at the past 50 day of my life, I can see an amazing path emerging. At the beginning, there seemed to be a firm hand pushing me back and forcing me to stop rather abruptly. Then I had this feeling of being requested to find a place where I could stay without much interruption. After the manic days of trying to find shelter from the craze of the world, I set down and realised what I had been asked all along: ‘Stay put, turn within, and observe!’

Surprisingly, it was not hard for me to find a peaceful rhythm in my social-distancing days. By releasing my daily distractions provided by this manic world of constant drama, I could embrace activities that fulfilled me. Actually, I was grateful that I was provided a strong enough excuse to withdraw. As I let go of the race of meeting different expectation, I suddenly felt being free.

In that freedom, I found my way back to my long forgotten toys. As the days got longer and I became more and more at ease with the silence and the eventfulness of my daily existence, my toys started to came to life. Then they began a slow dance with me in which I could see who I am in my core reflected.

I am still dancing with gratefulness in my heart, hoping that Life will never go back to ‘normal’ and that I would never have to stop this beautiful dance.

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