I am having a hard time believing that Resurrection is not only a concept of the Church.

Well, I actually know better. In my Heart I know that Jesus’s tale of Resurrection is but the Soul’s returning to Life (to God) after having been dead to God for ions of years. Resurrection is a kind of remembering or reawakening. When the Soul arrived to that level of awakening that It can hold Its attention upwards, It is resurrected. The moment when the Soul is reconnected to Its Forever Home and no longer in chains of the physical, It is liberated. That’s what Resurrection is.

My Soul is not liberated. My Mind is like a crazy Easter Bunny hops from one thought to another dragging my Soul’s attention with it.

It is still an effort to sit, to focus within, and to wait until my hyperactive Mind shuts up. It is still often that I don’t enjoy my time with my Spirit because the road leading there is so tiresome that I usually give up about half-way.

Still, I know that there is no other Path but the Narrow.

Each day, I put my tracking gear on, set my focus high and wait for my personal Resurrection.

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