UUSM 2.1 Genesis2

2. What does it mean to have ‘dominion over’ the birds, fish and every creature? (hint-what do these animals symbolize?)
It probably means that man was allowed to use these creatures to maintain himself. It may also mean that man received the highest level of intelligence or the capacity to ‘think’.

3. Share a time when your Cain overthrew your Abel.
It is often that ‘my Cain’ overthrows ‘my Abel’. I am rather physical, striving, action oriented and I like being busy. It always takes a conscious effort for me to calm down, to sit, to meditate, to immense myself in the spiritual, develop faith, and learn to trust the unseen.

4. Give a metaphysical interpretation of one of the following-
Abram and Sari in Egypt – Abraham collects faithful followers, those who has unquestionable faith in God and willing to follow the way of life God demands. The birth of a new nation. In Egypt Abraham assumes a threat and acts out of fear. He deceives others that causes trouble for them all.
Lot and his family – Abram and Lot separates because they desire different things, possibly. Lot is more drawn to worldly pleasures and riches and settles among the less faithful whereas Abram is rewarded by the Lord for his kindness and faithfulness. In my understanding Abram chooses a path that supports him to focus on his faith and God. In return God grants him sense of peace.

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