UUSM 2.2 Genesis2

1. What is the metaphysical meaning of the reconciliation between Jacob and Esau? How is this apparent in your life?
I think this story is about guilt and forgiveness and also about doing what is right even though it does not look that way. In my experience, something an action or deed can look different from different perspectives. In the story, it appears that Jacob and Rebekah are in the wrong by lying to Isaac but at the same time, they follow a higher guidance or call that might not be apparent to other e.g. Isaac and Esau. In Easu’s forgiveness, I see acceptance and embracing. It seems that he came to terms with the higher truth. At the same time, Jacob approaches his brother with a sense guilt and asking for forgiveness because the way he had come about achieving what he believed in might have been hurtful and deceitful.

I have had times when my actions were misunderstood or interpreted because it was viewed from one angle and from that angle my deeds did not seem right. I used to run an organisation and I had to make tough decisions that may not have always looked just but I felt that I followed a course of action that I had considered deeply.

2. What is the metaphysical meaning of the brothers of Joseph? and what is the main metaphysical point in the reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers?
I think that Joseph’s story is the account of building faith and ‘personal-growth’. Though, the brothers’ deeds look vicious and stemmed from fear and jealousy, their action was inevitable because Joseph needed to go through certain experiences such as imprisonment in order to build his faith and prepare himself for his service. I think that by the time, Joseph met his brothers in Egypt, he had understood that the experiences he had accumulated were necessary for him in order to become the person who he was.
In my opinion, understanding one’s actions does not diminish the fact that we may be hurt by that action or the attitude behind it. I often see people action out of fear that makes me feel sad or hurt. Even though I understand the motivation behind their action it does not meet that I can avoid feeling bad about it. I think, that Joseph upon meeting his brothers, re-experienced the feeling of being cast out and rejected and wanted to take revenge on his brothers, at first. But soon, he released those old feelings and forgave. By that time, his brothers had understood the wrongness of their deed and their attitude had changed as well that allowed Joseph to embrace his family and re-join them.
In the reconciliation of the brothers I see genuine forgiveness in all parties. I think that even Joseph had to exercise forgiveness because of his first revengeful reaction upon meeting his brothers after many years.
Joseph is an inspiration to me in accepting one’s life as it is with the understanding that experiences I accumulate over time are movements of the spirit within and necessary for my unfolding.

3. Moses, oh Moses- a treasure trove of metaphysics! Choose one story of Moses and give a metaphysical interpretation, including how it relates to you.
Exodus 3:13 I have experienced many times that I wished I could avoid undertaking a task. I asked if someone else could do it or if I could do something else because I felt inadequate for the job. However, at the end, whatever I did, it served me well. Later, I realized that the experience I tried to avoid was necessary for me to learn something either about myself or a skill or else. 3:14 I can also relate to the ‘mate’ aspect of the story. God sends Aaron to support Moses on his quest so he may feel more supported. I think it is essential to meet and have like-minded ‘mates’ with us on our journey both inner and outer. I have never been able to accomplish anything on my own. I truly appreciate all the support and guidance others have given me over the years.

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