UUSM 2.3 Exodus

3. Moses, oh Moses- a treasure trove of metaphysics! Choose one story of Moses and give a metaphysical interpretation, including how it relates to you.

Exodus 3:13 I have experienced many times that I wished I could avoid undertaking a task. I asked if someone else could do it or if I could do something else because I felt inadequate for the job. However, at the end, whatever I did, it served me well. Later, I realized that the experience I tried to avoid was necessary for me to learn something either about myself or a skill or else. 3:14 I can also relate to the ‘mate’ aspect of the story. God sends Aaron to support Moses on his quest so he may feel more supported. I think it is essential to meet and have like-minded ‘mates’ with us on our journey both inner and outer. I have never been able to accomplish anything on my own. I truly appreciate all the support and guidance others have given me over the years.

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