Valueless 101

The cleaning was done 2 days ago after a long absence of any kind of cleaning at all. I am always proud when I do a good job. My pride and good feelings did not last long, though. The words of appreciation sounded like ‘Why did you move the TV stand?’ or ‘Why, now, I didn’t see you’d cleaned!’ The final straw came when she walked through my neatly polished wooden floor with her muddy garden boots. ‘Seriously? I just cleaned!’ ‘ I don’t’ care’ – she replied – ‘I always wear shoes, I don’t like being bare foot.’

The whole incident made me think about respect and worthiness. I pay attention to and make sure that I always say ‘thank you!’ or pass a kind word of praise to others. It made me wonder if it was only my family who showed no regard for others’ efforts or it was a cultural issue. I realized that this whole nation acts unappreciative, aloof and superior. Our body language and behaviour radiates a privileged attitude of constant demand that only hides the same sense of valulessness that I often feel.

There seems to be two kinds of responses to such lack of recognition and acknowledgement; one is a never ending strive to do better and hoping for a good word and the other is the ‘I cannot care less’ stand-offish attitude. The later one characterizes the nation.

It is in my genes, I suppose, that attracts demands but never a truly-meant-thank-you. There is always more to ask for and a hardly anything to offer in return. I see how people manage this impediment with sock. Some takes on a narcissistic attitude of constant need and manipulation. Some fights it with spite and ridicule. Others simply ignore the existence of it and pretend that it is all OK. Nobody says a word of change.

It is rather hard to start a new tradition particularly that of loving care and kind regard. It is uncomfortable because it makes us feel vulnerable to the inflow of Grace.

Well, we still prefer sulking and spiking until … we had enough …

“Even though you gave the CEO a kidney, this is a lot of sick days.”


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