What it is about

A personal note

When you read my writing you may see that I walk my journey with critical observation, examination and conscious reflection. I meditate and contemplate daily on my life. I support myself using different new-age tools to support myself and others.

My heroes are Joseph, Jesus, Kibran, Rumi, Shams Tabrizi, Mohammed, Shakespeare and  many more who all talk eloquently about their journey. I am no poet. I record my journey through the wilderness called Life with as much scrutiny as I can because I find that the Path is hidden from us Seekers behind bushy trees of misconceptions.


What this blog is about? Well, first of all it is a diary of my journey on the Path. I hope to deepen my faith and commitment to the Path I and I wish to build my life along this Path rather than trying to build a life parallel to it. I write about my experiences.

Since I am an ordained minister, I also share my thoughts and experiences in a way that it may serve others as well.


An Uncommon Pastor

ps. Here you can find some of my favorite quotes and their translations into Hungarian, my mother tongue.

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