21 06 “I can’t tell anyone, hence I tell everyone”

As I was walking home from walking 🙂 and was watching the waves licking the stone shore soft, I realized that though I am at the wrong place again with some unknown reason, I am still at the best possible place I could be.

This place makes me want to do better, mostly look better. I do not know if it only because it is always summer here and you must dress down quite a bit so not to sweat like a pig all the time, or it is only because the sun shines so brightly all day long that it blinds my negative self-image. I look into the mirror and I am mortified. How is it possible? How could I let it happen? What has happened to me? Have I gone mad? I have always been the clever one not the pretty one, but this kind of ‘unprettiness’ is unnerving!

I basically feel like a boar without the hair bits.

So, when the sun shines, I suddenly feel inclined to do something about my ‘boarness’ hoping that I can (eventually) start looking like me again.

I often wonder why I need this beastly outlook, who I want to scare really, because I am pretty sure I am scaring no one but myself here.

So, the place. The place is sunny and hot. The place is dirty, smelly and rather rundown.  People in place are rather OK. Even though most people are here to make money so to pay the mortgage back home, or it is a greedy native, still, interestingly, everybody gets along pretty well. No nastiness, almost, at all.

Maybe it is because of the heat. Nobody has the extra energy to fight or to argue. They swish their hands in disagreement and walk away. Otherwise, everybody is constantly in search for some shade! 🙂