24.05 “I can’t tell anyone, hence I tell everyone”


I am amazed to see how well I surround myself with abuse. Probably, the saddest thing is that it is set up in an invisible pattern of events, stimuli and responses. Nobody notices. Some completely ignore it, not even noticing the undercurrent of triggers.

I have checked but there is no way out of the deeply set patterns of button pushing. Probably the hardest things is to see what’s really happening beyond the surface and not being able to make a difference. The programming runs itself without much interference and no participants are aware of the puppet show that is triggered the deep seated strings being pulled.

I tried to stand still and breathe without doing anything. It makes no difference in the outcome because the physical action or the verbal response is only the tip of the iceberg. All real ‘action’ takes places deep inside our psyche, on a vibrational level. I may not do or say anything but my consciousness vibrates millions of messages to my environment.

No, it is not my responsibility to chance others’ responses to my vibrational state. However, it is my responsibility to try and clean my inner state to that degree where I am free from others’ pain and anguish. Cleaning is but letting go of who I am not any more.

Well, who am I not, then?

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