40 days of Love, an Invitation

The world simply reflects our collective consciousness, our fears, our pains, our anger … whatever attitude we collectively – the critical mass – hold.

I look at the world, the turmoil, the wars, the bloodshed and I am saddened with the knowing that this all could be prevented if we just spent a little more time healing our own wounds instead of taking it out on others.

Walking this inner journey, that we often dread, is a great opportunity to release all those beliefs, patterns of thoughts and behaviours that do not serve us any more. As long as we can see them – be aware of them – we can consciously say good-bye to them. Until we suppress or hide them, they keep on popping up ruining our day, month, year … life. As we let go, we become freer, kinder, more accepting, happier … with our lives and others.

40-days of Love, Release and Embrace can be a great opportunity for you to turn gently within, discover the little gremlins and let them go.

Walk this 40-day journey with me and see if you can make some changes in your life – and that of others – by releasing what does not work and embracing what does.

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Between the 14th of February and the 28th of March 2024

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