40 Days of Love – Day17

40 Days of Letting Go, Letting God

From Release to Embrace

Rule 17

The whole universe is contained within a single human being — you. Everything that you see around, including the things that you might not be fond of and even the people you despise or abhor, is present within you in varying degrees. Therefore, do not look for Sheitan [“Devil” in Arabic] outside yourself, either. The devil is not an extraordinary force that attacks from without. It is an ordinary voice within, if you set to know yourself fully, facing with honesty and hardness.“* 


Today, we are releasing busyness and embracing God’s Love for us. 

Our Lent Booklet invites us today to release busyness and start facing life’s questions. ” Action addiction is an advanced sort of laziness. It keeps us busily occupied with tasks. The busier we keep ourselves, the more we avoid being confronted with questions of life and death. As we keep ourselves occupied with tasks, important or not, we avoid facing life. We keep a safe and comfortable distance to the issues that are sometimes hard to look at. 

… I realized clearly that busyness is a choice. We may have deadlines, projects, and activities, but we have the freedom to choose whether we become action addicts or just observe the experience of many activities. It’s a choice. And the ability to make that choice comes from developing a clear mind, free of action addiction.”  (source)

From a Buddhist perspective, Your inner life is where you cultivate happiness. Busyness takes us away from cultivating inner life.

Today, I remember that with every inhale, peace flows through me. I have nowhere to go. I have the time and the confidence to accomplish what is mine to do.

“The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

Today we affirm: I am present to each task of the day,
knowing everything is a choice.

Note : My writing is based on the book “40 Rules of Love” by by Elif Shafak (See more about the book here (click)  ( and The Lent booklet by Unity.org 

Personally, I think it is important to find the True meaning behind the word ‘LOVE’,  understand it and experience it as a Spiritual Quality inherently within us. 

I am going to walk this 40-day Lenten journey contemplating on the True meaning of Love, Divine Love, Spiritual Love for me by experimenting with the 40 rules and quotes from the Lent Booklet. Every day, between 

the 14th of February and the 28th of March 2024,

I will post a ‘rule’ from the book ’40 rules of Love’ and an a release idea from the book ’40 days of Let go, Let God – Lent 2024′ by Unity.org. Then, we will contemplate on it and share about it in the UNITY EUROPE Facebook Group (CLICK HERE).

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