40 Days of Love – Day9

40 Days of Letting Go, Letting God

From Release to Embrace

Rule 9

East, west, south, or north makes little difference. No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey, a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll visit the whole full World and beyond.”* 


Today, we are releasing self-pity and embracing God’s Love for us. 

Our Lent Booklet invites us today to release self-pity and move into forgiveness. Some situations or circumstances disappoint us. We feel that life is treating us unfairly asking “Oh, why me?” We have all been there.

You may find it odd, but when you feel like having a pity party, do it full tilt. Feel your emotions, cry, scream … do what it takes you move through the emotions. As you do that, you release self-pity. When you are complete, take time to go into the Silence. Take some deep breaths and allow Spirit to move through your entire being. Open your heart and mind to the living Spirit. Next, move into forgiveness of the whole situation, yourself included.

The next time, you may still feel disappointed, but you might choose to observe the situation with more neutrality, accept it, and forgive the mistakes and errors that this situation shows you.

As we wake up, we judge less, we forgive more.

Today, instead of a quote, I am sharing a short guided meditation on forgiveness with you. I hope you find it useful.


Today we affirm:  I choose to release self-pit and embrace forgiveness.

Note : My writing is based on the book “40 Rules of Love” by by Elif Shafak (See more about the book here (click)  ( and The Lent booklet by Unity.org 

Personally, I think it is important to find the True meaning behind the word ‘LOVE’,  understand it and experience it as a Spiritual Quality inherently within us. 

I am going to walk this 40-day Lenten journey contemplating on the True meaning of Love, Divine Love, Spiritual Love for me by experimenting with the 40 rules and quotes from the Lent Booklet. Every day, between 

the 14th of February and the 28th of March 2024,

I will post a ‘rule’ from the book ’40 rules of Love’ and an a release idea from the book ’40 days of Let go, Let God – Lent 2024′ by Unity.org. Then, we will contemplate on it and share about it in the UNITY EUROPE Facebook Group (CLICK HERE).

Download the LENT BOOKLET @this link 2024 Lent English 

Let’s walk this journey together!

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