A child like you

I wish I could be a child like you.

You are careless of the world around you, existing only in the world you created for yourself.

In your world, in your selfish little world, you feel deprived of something all the time so you demand only the best with screams and cries if no other way worked.

You are a helpless princes saved by your prince in shiny armour daily.

Your small and fragile body is strained to prove all demands righteous and necessary.

You live high up, few feet above ground, singing and swirling with high winds and angel-wings. You don’t look down but when you fall, you fall with a smile on your face knowing that you will be caught. It must because you are a magical child.

I wish I was like you. I wish I could trust the universe that carries you in its two caring arms like you do.

I wish I could allow Love to cradle me …