A few weeks later

Two and half weeks down the road all seems little blurry and funny. I spent all this time so far in Fort Wayne, Indiana. An amazing ‘little’ city on the border of Ohio and Indiana. Population is around 250 thousand and still one of the most magical places I have ever been. Obviously the people make it like that. The people who open their homes and hearts to foreigners like myself without considering the consequences like have a tornado rushing through their homes! 🙂 I am grateful for those courageous and brave inhabitants of F.W. Indiana, who opened their home and hearts to me.

Beyond the visits, the music, the galleries, the artwork, the lovely chats and smiles another world started to open up to me and bringing me immense amount of joy and more clarity.  That plane is my Home. Not only mine but ours all, though I am one of the few who actually aware of its existence. And I am deeply grateful that I can be one of them.
Through meditation and prayer I reach towards my Home and as my Home with its unique host waves back at me, my heart fills with joy, I wave back knowing that one day I will be a visitor there and will never leave my beloved Home and its host, the Immortal Beloved, ever again. Until then I sit and pray for entrance.

When I get close to the gates I feel immense joy and hear trumps and flutes welcoming me. Then I fall back upon this gray place, chant the names, and fly towards my Home again, until I need no return.
For now, I am walking the Path towards my Home and the Immortal Beloved. And on the way I encounter many blessing in a different shapes and forms. Some are smiling faces, some or huge drops of tears – all welcome on the way towards my Home.

No, it is not always smooth and easy walking the road less travelled. I keep my heart open – as much as I can -, breath in and exhale slowly, I focus on what is in front of me and when my restless mind wonders off to future lands I grab her, drive her back here where only the time is, tell her to relax: we are on holiday, I say, there is nothing to sort out or worry about, all is taken care of. And so he relaxes and retrieves to his shelter waiting for being called upon duty. Until then there is silence.

And when it is a time of energy, enthusiasm and laughter – here I come, join in with other lovely ones, sharing the moments of great blessing, the blessings of togetherness and the joy of existence. Though the task I came here to ‘do’ may not be much of fun, the way of going about it can be joyous and shared with many.

Before leaving F.W. I feared to meet the ‘other’ world and finding myself lost and shut down again. And I hope, it may not be necessary to crawl away in shame and anger because I can see the Light, I may just be somebody having been waited upon to shine some ‘light’ on darker places. I am not here to induce change or to show the way, but I am here to share with those who is open and ready. For the rest, I send my blessing, because they also are on the Path, only unknowingly.

Iwish myself the courage to walk this Path with taking all its offering as a gift to embrace.

I wish all that I encounter to share great and joyous moments with.

I wish all my beloved brothers and sisters blessings. I am grateful for their being part of my life.

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