About the boy

swearing and kicking he demands, the boy, what he (thinks he) wants

the world so far has offered him little of his desires but mostly needles to fear

his world is insecure, scary and uncontrollable so he grabs each and every opportunity to control it and forces others to be his servant in gaining it

tired many of his wants and needs, still the best way to have him is offering attention and a patient look saying: ‘I am here, you are safe even if you don’t get what you think you need’

his little body is made suffer many little syringes daily without a word of complaint; it is a routine now how he takes what his body requests

occasionally he scream for something he cannot have and after having it, syringes come again hunting

the world revolves around his little needles

he bares and screams

until he can start moving beyond his fear and pain