Accept that life didn’t turn out to be the way you expected it. Let go of the dreams of small girls for happiness. Accept that he is never gonna show up, not even one day. Accept that there is no ever after or forever. Accept that you are not one of those with big meaning and contribution to the betterment of humanity. Accept that it’s not your book that’s gonna be published. Accept that you are no exception to the rule. Accept that no agent will ever discover your mediocre talent in anything you have ever endeavoured. Accept that there is no house, home, sofa, bed, soft caret, private bathroom will ever wait for you to return home. Accept that weight will never roll down by the stone leaving you slim and attractive. Accept that it’s just not you who will be interviewed about the great deeds of your life that you have accomplished. Accept that this is not that life where your dreams come true. Accept that all with grace. And when you do that it will not burn inside undone any more.