I remember now that feeling I felt the first time I came to America. Loneliness. It is the land of the lonely hunters. What is funny that though family and community is valued and maintained naturally the sense of loneliness creeps in because one must prove himself worthy here. It is the culture of image; one must confirm that you are worthwhile being part of the ‘free’. This land was made by the brave at heart. The forefathers were not weak at the knees when it came to looking deep into the eye of another and pick a fight. This is the land of the famous; Hollywood; where the show us what you can do’ slogan is from. One must provide evidence that he is valuable member of this gang.

It is no easy task and a rather solitary one since the whole world is in competition around you. One must stand the fight, beat all competition and stand with the trophy of the winner. One must be better than the other, the worthless. There is always an opponent to fight, like it has always been; a revolution for independence or against a named enemy.

When are you gonna be good enough so to stop the fight?