Answers to questions, Advent W1

This week I needed some self support in overcoming my challenges. During the week of HOPE I decided to remind myself of the good things, particularly in areas where I feel the most challenged by negative thoughts. I created a few questions to help me remember.

1. Can I find anything positive about the way I was brought up? – I grew up with value system that taught me to appreciate knowledge and education. My parents loved travelling and I received many gifts on their returns. In my family giving gifts to each other was the major way of showing love and appreciation so I received a lot of things as a child.

2. What is positive about the way I live right now? – The kind of life I live gives me a lot of freedom in choosing. I am a modern-day gypsy or a nomad. I live nowhere, I do not have much obligations, I travel a lot. I have freedom.

3. What does this life provides me with right now?–  I am working a lot right now that provides me with the income I need to pay for my schooling and travels next year.

4. What is fun about my life right now? What are the things I enjoy doing? – I love working on my course papers and reading other student’s works, as well. I love the books I am reading, I find them elevating. I like my time off when I have it. I like sitting in the church just being there and feeling at home in it. I like talking to my friends, sharing with them. I love writing my diaries and sharing my experiences with the world at the moment.

5. What is positive about the Truth of who I am beyond the layers of fear and anger? – I am highly aware of myself and my environment as if I had some sensors that detect the inner workings of myself and those whom I am with. I am rather creative in a sense that I can  always see the greater picture in a situation that allows for some great depth in experiencing Life.

6. Is there anything I am truly grateful for? – I am grateful for being alive and having this unique and mysterious life, I am given.

And so it is. Amen.

How do you support yourself during this time of darkness?

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