Contemplation Day2

40 Days of Letting Go, Letting God

From Release to Embrace


The path to the Truth is a labor of the heart, not of the head. Make your heart your primary guide! Not your mind. Meet, challenge, and ultimately prevail over your nafs (false ego) with your heart. Knowing your false ego will lead you to the Knowledge of God.

Today’s affirmation:  I let go of old grievances and allow God’s love
to heal my body, mind, and spirit.

As I was contemplating on Rule No1 and today’s Lent message, I realized that …

Recently, I have been looking back on past events that seems to have had a great impact on how I saw myself. Between the age of about 10 and 18, I had teachers who told me that I was stupid and useless. Eventually, I believed them and started to see myself the way they saw me. As a result I became very angry with myself and with the world who in my understanding forced a false sense of self on me.

I found myself being separate from my own self. It took me years of soul-searching and healing to recover my sense of True Self in the Divine, the person who I have always been but forgot about for a while. For that, I needed to learn to see myself and the world through the eyes of the Heart, with compassion.

Having been resentful towards these teachers for decades only resulted in more pain over events that I could not change. The Ego/Nafs always wants revenge, wants the wrong-doer to be punished, and the suppressed to triumph. In the world of the Heart, however, there is no separation. I forgave myself for having allowed others’ opinion of me become the way I saw myself. I released the past with all its pain, anger, resentment and in return I rediscovered myself in Love.

What did you discover by contemplation on this rule and Lent Reading?

in Loving and with many Blessings,
Rev Kudlik