Fear and Love

“We attract the same energy we give out. …”

Well, I am puzzled. The experiences I have been having these past two days are rather odious. I started advertizing a program I am supposed to run and a lady started to have this funny conversation with me that ended with her calling me names and sending me to hell. How did I get here? If the above lovely quote is true, I must have put out some ‘bad’ vibes that the lady picked upon. I started investigating.

She has her own share in the matter, that’s hers to resolve. Mine is the bit where I generated fear that landed in the form of aggression. That sounds like me.

So what is it that I am afraid of so much that it manages to form such a bundle of tangled energies that it can eventually boomerang back like a badly targeted cricket ball, right in the face? Well, I am afraid of being judged, found out, unveiled, and exposed … what if they realize that I only pretend to be somebody I am not? How will I be able to protect myself from attack if I am exposed? … and on. I know it is not me, but I cannot be me until I am afraid. And my fear only lets out vibes of fear to generate more fear that eventually makes me feel scared then I become aggressive so to protect myself form a harmful word that I actually contributed to by being afraid and not having done anything about it.

Then I remembered the rest of the quote…

 “ …Take a deep breath, and exhale the energy you would like to receive.
Breathe in, exhale love.
Breathe in, exhale compassion.
Breathe in, exhale joy.” Rumi

God, you have planted so much Love inside of me, please, help me express it in the world. And, please, help me override my limitations so this Love, you keep on pouring inside of me, can actually be expressed, showing the way Home, no matter what the circumstances.

Thank you.