When it gets crappy, not feeling so good about life and all, suddenly I read or hear about something that makes me feel  grateful.  Today I read an article about heroin addicts. And it suddenly downed on me how lucky I am and how lucky I have always been for, for example, not being a drug addict. I have my own challenges, personal abuse of some form or another; I have my panic attacks and fear of height, but at the end of the day I am well.

So,  first of all, I am grateful for not being a drug addict; for having food on the table, bad to sleep on, money to pay for all these; for having friends to console me when I think I am not one of the luckiest; for health and safety; for support and care I have in my life in many different shapes and forms; for having choices to make and not being forced into anything; having the right to say no … to be continued.