Have you noticed?

Have you noticed the dangling heads of the streets? Eyes glued to the pavement, grey with inerasable dirt and waste. We look down. Down into a small portion of Life, that is usually scary and untangleable.  And the more we look down the more attached we become to this tiny segment of existence, demanding control over this piece of dirt.

In the meantime the brave, huge sky swings like a girl in waiting. She rocks her gorgeous body and changes her robe ofttimes to appear ever so attractive. She rises with amazing blues and pinks and slides with purples and heliotropes into the arms of the dark blue night.

She is patiently expectant of us noticing the amazing vividness and colourfulness of her greatness. When she gets sad with ignorance and neglect she restrains and standardizes herself into gloomy greys and maroons, the colours of the earth below, hoping to be noticed finally for her similarity.

Have you noticed the sky lately?

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