How to use HOLI for our upliftment?

Just to keep it simple, we may want to use the Festival of Holi, a ‘night and day’ to ‘colour up’ our life. We can focus on vitality, a new season is coming bringing an opportunity to make things anew. 

So what could colours bring into our life? What difference could colours make during the day? What colours do YOU want to focus on? Can you surround yourself with this colour?

Experiment with them and see what experiences they create for you! What experiences anew have they brought into your life? Let me know! <3


What is HOLI?
India, renowned for its lively festivities. From the early celebrations of Mahashivratri to the vibrant climax of Holi, this month is brimming with happiness. Beyond symbolizing the onset of spring, Holi embodies rejuvenation, good fortune, and positivity.

Holi falls on March 25th, preceded by Holika Dahan on March 24th


Holi is one of the most famous festivals. It is a festival of colors, celebrates spring with with powder. It symbolizes righteousness, featuring stories of Krishna, Radha, and Lord Shiva. The event represents unity, fertility rituals, and a triumph of good over evil, it commemorates the victory of Vishnu as Narasimha over Hiranyakashipu.

It also celebrates the eternal and divine love of the deities Radha and Krishna.

Holi, with its vivacious colors and festive fervor, unites people in a jubilant celebration of harmony and happiness. As the festival draws near, India eagerly anticipates the joyous revelry heralding the arrival of spring.

It is also an invocation for a good spring harvest season. It lasts for a night and a day, starting on the evening of the Purnima (full moon day) falling on the Hindu calendar month of Phalguna.

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