I can’t live imprisoned in somebody else’s world

I don’t do the things you do. You like perfection and surround yourself with clarity and vision.

I am massy and immaculate. I like the deep and the wild. Me, I am full of wounds like stamps of my adventurous soul. I go for the trip and take what comes with it.

You prefer preparation and safety.

We are only different in our approaches but coming from the same source. None is better than the other. I am sure I have plenty to take on of what you can offer.

Still, I can’t obey your rules because they have no meaning to me. I prefer being the way I am.

Nevertheless, I will always respect your needs and hold you requests intact.

But, do you see? I am writhing in the safety nets you put out for yourself. And what supports you, suffocates me.

Ps. … just a thought  – it somehow does not look like your own prison; you seem to have settled for somebody else’s!