I said my good-byes

Today I remembered the funeral again …

The tears, that were running down my face as I was looking at the casket of the man I had never met inhis life, were clearing my soul.

Still he looked all so familiar. And I felt grateful.

Suddenly I was taken aback to the funerals that meant the most to me so far; the hastened saying good-byes to the two people I loved and cared for the most so far in my life.

As I was listening to the ministers’ sermon I could say my good-byes for real this time. I was not ready the first time and I wasn’t really present at the second time either. I was too young. I was too much in pain.

But this time I was there – body, mind and soul.

I said my prayers.

I said my good-byes.

I let them go.

God Bless you beautiful people who touched my life in many beautiful ways. I am grateful for your presence and contribution to my journey.

(The man next to me in the back turned to me, smiled and said: “Your drawing are beautiful. If you are not an artist, you should be one …”)

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