I wonder

I have been wondering what it is I am looking for; what kind of a life I wish to live if I had all the resources, skills, means that now I don’t think I have.

So one of the the answers is: the life of a  wanderer. I like going from one place to another and have different experiences. I actually enjoy meeting all different kinds of people and love the way we connect. It requires a lot of flexibility on my part. It helps me greatly to let go of the idea that we are different and puts me in a position of assimilating, sort of allowing others to be and I am also just ’be’ with them. I like the idea to connect with others for a while, exchanging something and moving on meeting others to exchange with.

The one thing that I don’t like is the physical discomfort of moving around all the time never having a place I call mine or ‘home’ (whatever that really means), constantly being a visitor. (Though, we all probably, are only visitors here)

The other way I can imagine myself living is the life of an ‘artist’. Some call it Life-artist. The idea is that that you don’t have anything sort of ‘fix’ in your life, it is a bit like going with the flow. You don’t have a regular job that you attend to daily, neither do you have regular chores neither financial commitments nor responsibilities. Your sole responsibility is yourself and your journey.

I have no idea how one can achieve a state of living like this, but I would be greatly grateful if I could master the level of trust in myself and so in the IM so to achieve that.

Recently I have been observing lives – most of them are run by daily chores and have-to’s. Like I always did.
The question stays the same: who am I and what kind of life I wish to live that fulfils who I am. I wonder …

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