Illness or opportunity?

Too much illness! Too much thinking about illness and focus on related issues like fundraising. Instead of looking beyond the illness itself – what does it present me with? What options or learning are there in there for me? What did it offer to my family and myself?

I am not trying to be clever here. I had some experience with it in my own family and observed it with others as well.

Most of us fight cancer like we fight terrorism – none of them really exists beyond our own mind and imagination.

The bad that causes the trouble, the illness, is inside of us all. There is nothing out there to fight but to heal – and that wouldn’t work with ‘guns’ in our hands, would it?

Healing comes with looking at what is going on. There are so many inspiring people in world who have done that to show and to prove that the only way is to retreat, look inside and cradle what needs to be healed in a unique way that is only true for the individual him/herself.

The question is not surviving it, but learning from it – at least this is what I observed with people (most of them did recover) who inspired me with the way they treated their illness. They all took the inner way. And if they passed on, they passed with grace and peace. Those who stayed changed their lives forever from the core.

Life’s mysteries!