I would like to write about how the inner experiences of meditation affects the outer. Not as if it changes the outer but rather it makes me see the other differently.

I don’t believe in enlightenment. But I believe in taking upon a new view of Life as a result of letting something greater than ourselves into our lives.

It is hard to write about something that is not of this world. So I try and grab it by how it appears to me on the outside.  The result of turning inside for me was an immense amount of realisations of what blocks me from being me, and on a happier note I also started to become freer in my self-expression, authenticity and honesty. Though I am one of those people who never cared to much about what others thought of me or my ways, I still had the inclination to either ignore others completely or try and please them so I get what I wanted (especially safety). I trust more that I am safe to be me, then before. I feel OK to be me, feeling less judgemental and less demanding. I am not an angel and will never be one. Nevertheless, experiencing myself as nice, funny and kind is a beautiful experience for myself regardless of what others make of it – and as an added value other seems to like it too.

A completely different ballgame all together! 🙂