Introduction to the Pastor

ā€œHappiness is a shift in focus from the gloom of the world to the Grace of Love.ā€

Hello. My name is Rev Kudlik. I am licensed Minister with, a global, inclusive, spiritual community. READ MORE ABOUT UNITY HERE (CLICK). By profession, I am a coach and an educator, so I run creativity infused spiritual and personal growth programs for all ages.

My programs are playful, interactive, and adventurous. I use coaching, therapeutic-art and meditative tools in the programs I run.

I strive to enable people to gain insights, regain their creativity, expand and flourish on the different surfaces (courses, workshops, seminars, educational settings) I create. Iā€™d like to see more loving connections in the world via people gaining greater awareness of their wholesomeness and as a result, developing compassion for one another.

My journey to clergy-hood

In 1998, I moved to the UK right after my beloved grandmother’s passing. I was in so much grief that I needed support. A friend suggested that I take part in an Insight Seminar in London. Insight Seminars (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION) became the refuge for a long period of time. It supported me to understand myself better and encouraged me to find a spiritual path that suits my needs.

As a result, I started looking. I experimented with all sorts of different spiritual paths so to find what works best for me. I went to Buddhist retreats to practise the art of meditation and learn about the philosophy of Buddhism and the art of happiness. Then I experimented with Kundalini Yoga which part of the Hindu tradition. 

Then, I ventured into Sufism, the mystical path of Islam. I became familiar with the lovely chants and the simple meditations on Divine Love.  

Around 2004 I met Rev Steven McAffee who introduced me to Coptic Christianity. Since I grew up during the socialistic regime in Hungary I was not allowed to associate myself with any religious organisations. Though, I am baptized and was explained some practices of the Roman Catholic Faith, I grew up without any religious education.  After meeting Rev McAffee, I realized that though Christianity felt familiar, I wanted to continue embracing the different spiritual ideas and practices I had encountered. 

In 2016 I visited Rev McAffee in the USA who had run classes and held services in the Unity Temple in Forth Wayne, Indiana. By that point I had been feeling lost with regards to my onward spiritual journey. I wanted to find a spiritual organization that would not impose its ideology on me but inclusive. So, Rev McAffee suggested that I had a counselling session with Rev Glenda at Unity Temple. As a result of my discussion with her I started my ministerial journey at the Unity Urban Ministerial School in 2018. 

In 2023, I became a licensed minister. I am studying towards my ordination that is scheduled at the end of 2024.

The most important work I do as Pastor right now is setting up the European online Unity Spiritual Centre and Youth and Family Ministry. PLEAE READ ABOUT IT HERE CLICK)  In the meantime I offer spiritual coaching sessions and creativity infused spiritual and personal growth programs for all ages.


For a long time I saw myself as a vagabond who coddiwomples and as a result encounters interesting people and events. <3