Loss and gain (two film reviews)

And so she is pregnant. It happened at the most unpropitious time of her life. She has just about decided (finally)to live his disillusioned and abusive husband – now that she has managed to hide enough money away from him to finance her escape. And so it is. On top of it all, her favourite doctor retires and leaves a neurotic big-city fellow as a replacement. And there is this old chap who owns the diner of pies and the torn lives of four people: three waitresses with different love-interest miseries and a pregnancy issue and a cook of small fate, with not much kindness or a smile but a huge heart.

The film revolves around the lives of these people and their side-bones for 9 months, until Lulu is born.

This film is an adventure from loss, misery and hopelessness to friendship, love, hope and more. And it all started with one single unfortunate event: an unwanted pregnancy.

You never know which road leads to the places you originally wanted to arrive to.

(waitress 2007)


She has been drunk for days. His man left her with four girls and a neighbour with a crash on her. She is devastated. She sees no way out but drowning her misery into vodka and gin. And she’s got company, a man with a misery of his own; an ex-pro baseball player turned into a low-class DJ. And so, they hit it off just for the sake of having company to share their doom and gloom with. And there are the girls with issues on their own; growing up, getting married, finishing college and meeting their first love.

The film encapsulates three years of their lives, of their journey of discovering that an event that originally seemed like an unbearable twist of fate may just be the greatest blessing of their lives.

You must have faith, that life sometimes hides its most precious treasures behind a poison ivy.

(the upside of anger 2005)

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