Love is all around

There are a few days in a year that we call the days of Love and Forgiveness. In the Christian world we associate these days with the Christ who embodied these principles. What I find fascinating is to see how most unloving we tend to be during these days. We somehow turned these days from spirit into earth and dust by concentrating on buying pricy presents that would represent loving and care for a loved one or more like, in my opinion, instead of the love and care we could/should actually give to each other.

Most of us manically run around town finding the best and most precious present that would give the feeling to the recipient that she/he is loved. In vain.

Down here, in the dust, there is no such things as Love really. Not in a way as it exists in the Heart of God, anyway. There are only replacement emotions we try and create by either manipulating each other into doing things or being the way we appreciate or try and meet others’ expectations. All in the name of Love. At the end of the day, however, most of us feel empty and unloved.

When Christmas comes, hopes for feeling loved and cared for raise even higher. We have somehow made each other believe along the way that this is the time of year when we make miracles and will love each other in some special way that we have not managed until now. But we can’t deliver, not because we don’t want to but because we simply can’t give something we don’t have. We do not possess the Love we promise to give, especially around Christmas time, because we do not know what that is or we do not remember what it is like.

We buy all the presents to show how much love and care we have for each other but we avoid the very things that may hold, at least, some experiences of Love like standing silently around the Christmas tree, looking in each others’ eyes and noticing God’ Loving presence there looking back at us from every single face as we are seeing beyond all preconceptions and expectations we have for one another that usually prevents us from expressing real Loving for each other.

This time of year is simply a reminder that Love is all around. Though it isn’t in the presents we buy for each other but in each pair of eyes we dare to look into and allow ourselves to be touched by. That is a true experience of Love.

chx tree