You don’t love me!
I am feeling unlovable as if fallen out of favour for a life time.
I am feeling betrayed and rejected.
Half of humanity rejects me out of fear of the unknown, the different.
The other half considers me for nothing as if I did not even exist.
I am betrayed by their bias and their wish for simpler and less disturbing,
that I cannot offer.
Meanwhile they keep their eye on me in fancy
still kiss another they don’t care for,
just to avoid clashing of wild emotions, the complicated.

Then He tells me He loves me no matter what.
I should look nowhere else,
I should just keep my eyes on Him endlessly
and see that He embraces me like no one can.
He tells me that it is no surprise I feel so unloved
I am expecting love from the loveless.
It is no surprise that I feel so rejected and betrayed
Since it is me who cheats Life everyday
by rejecting my True Nature that is Love itself.


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