M. Robinson: Deeper

“As a person goes deeper inside themself…, they will meet egoic mind in it’s totality. Then, just before the person drops the whole of their identity and beliefs of separateness, boredom will present itself. It is the last argument of the egoic mind… How can I live this life without striving, without reacting from the turbulence of my emotions, without desire and without any security? If I give any of these things up, then my life will be empty and boring. There will no longer be any dramas for me to act out and I will no longer be an individual with something impressive to say or worthwhile to do…
Just because you are just listening within for your inner voice, or just observing your mind with it’s fears and desires, does not mean human life ends. On the contrary, life becomes much more vivid and alive, as each experience now has an added dimension…”

Mike Robinson

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Picture  source – web – Lois Munoz Luque