My many different faces

Today I am a beautiful woman. I feel desired and the mirror likes me. When I am like this I know I can get what I want through being desirous. I tempt my pray into my huge spider web and twist his weakness around my finger like a thin piece of thread. I get what I want. And the price I pray is that I lost him for good since he did not give out of his generous heart but only gave into my temptressness.

When I am a sweet child I don’t even need to ask for anything. The world around me stands still waiting for my command. This lovely and charming face of a child covers the face of terror and helplessness begging for mercy and protection. I find my shelter and a sense of security by curling into the loosely-clasped embrace of his gently arms.

Oh, I am tough! The look of my eye pierces through your defences. You are at my mercy. I grab you by your guts and would not release you until I am done with you. You are my pray. I determine your fate, your course of actions. You are ready at my demand, holding your breath – I am keeping you at bay.