My playmate

I don’t believe in love – neither at first nor at second sight.

I do clinging, attachment, dependency and then the opposite. I used to call it love. I learnt that being in love with another is a strong feeling of needing the other; a feeling that I can rely on him, he would care for me, take care of me.

Then I wondered if it was real love.

As I grew older I became more and more independent and self reliant I started not to need anybody any more. So I wondered if I will ever be in love another time this way. Probably not.

It all made me think of what I really want out of a relationship. Soon it downed on me. Like in my childhood, I only needed a mate, a special mate. Not a soul mate, rather a playmate.

Somebody I can spend fun time with; who makes me smile; someone to share with, someone to dance with, to have different experiences with – and all these sorts of things.

I don’t need anybody – I just want a great mate to play with! 🙂