My wicked spirituality

Everything is perfect. When Louise said this, I realized that hearing that phrase is like hearing that everything happens for a reason. It’s a tough message to swallow when faced with tragedy or deep pain of any kind. But, by training ourselves to see the perfection in our most difficult moments—a perspective that, at first, can only be seen in hindsight—we learn to trust Life. We come to understand that, while we might not like a certain outcome, Life may be leading us in a new, more appropriate and beneficial direction. Everything happens for a reason or Everything is perfect are beliefs born from a decision to see life as a schoolroom. When we choose to become a student of life who learns and grows from his or her experience, everything does, in fact, happen for a reason. In this way, we make our most difficult moments mean something by using them to our spiritual advantage.

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Well, I am here, as ever, to argue my case!

I do not think that life is perfect, and I do not believe that we can learn from everything that happens to us. Like the previous article I shared, sometimes and experience is only there so we uncontrollably sad and to grieve some unrecoverable loss. That is all to it.

What to learn from loss? Maybe, acceptance. However, in my understanding, acceptance comes with age and time. Eventually, we all accept life for what it is and realize that there is no point in fighting because Life does not care about what you want, you’d better go with what life offers.

Successful people, from my perspective, are either big bullies who respect no one and nothing, and have their way nevertheless(these ones are rarely happy, contented or at peace); or they are all accepting and embracing whatever Life throws at them.

So, maybe, this learning business is all about learning to accept whatever it is that Life brings you to live. I am not sure how to use any of it for my spiritual advancement.

So, where I stand is this: Life does not give a them! You are either though and can bare what life throws at you or you break and fall. Either way, you are not happy. This is the majority of humanity.

Some of us, maybe, I’d say, 10% of us (top max) consider himself/herself being some spiritual journey of the Soul, that allows us some self-awareness and choice in the above matter.

Those whose basic disposition is of a calmer and more accepting nature, take life for what it is without much argument or fight. Those of, like myself, who are more of a challenger, carve our way into new heights, displaying individuality in the process and still being inspiring.

My idea of spirituality is not of following the crowd and checking if I am cooperating and flowing smoothly with whatever the mainstream is. I am in for a special journey. I am curious how to live an exceptional life with all the experiences that is uniquely belong to me.

This is MY wicked spirituality.

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