Personal Storytelling – HOLOS 1


During these years of self-discovery, I found healing through art, meditation, and by attending personal development seminars and such. I soon understood that I am not only interested in finding my own answers but I wish to support others in finding theirs, too. As a next step, I embarked on a journey of becoming a coach and a trainer and later a minister.

Sometime later, with the support of some friends, I established a non for profit organisation and started to work with teachers, parents and children, particularly children living in orphanages. During these years, I gathered how important it is for me to be available for the emotionally needy and to help them find inner resources to recover from their losses and difficulties.

In my experience, we tend to blame our environment and/or God for our misfortunes and turn away from Him when we feel ‘let down’ or ‘misfortuned’. Through my own personal journey, I am learning to take responsibility for my life no matter how many twists and turns it may have and stop blaming outer ‘forces’. At the same time, I strongly felt that the guidance, that I missed so much as a child, should not come from an outer source but from a higher place within the person and this directions should be personal and individualized.

After having investigated different religious denominations I decided to create my own personal way of connecting with God and my inner resources. I became a member of an organisation called ILM that teaches a meditative practice that I still follow today. In 2011, I met Reverend Conra Faor with whom I trained to be a minister at the Fort Wayne Ministries of the Brigade of Light Church in order to be able to offer my services in a more pointed manner incorporating the spiritual aspect of life.

In 2017 I met Reverend Glenda Walden at the Unity in Fort Wayne. We talked and she told me about her own journey in becoming a minister and suggested that I attend HOLOS as my next step in my spiritual journey.

As I mentioned previously, I create artwork with particular emphasis on using them as tool in working with children. I love creating surfaces for others where they can come to learn and discover. With the support of my art work and my abilities as a trainer/coach, I would like to offer assistance to children and teenagers to find a healthy and constructive outlet for expressing themselves, find their uniqueness, and connect with their inner resources.

… I feel that I am in need of an umbrella under which I could collect all my interests and abilities – in some ways myself – in order to be able to enjoy and offer them in a more focused manner. I feel drawn to becoming a fully developed minister making following God’s lead my daily life and work. My hope is that HOLOS can support me in the above and to find my true calling.

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