I often notice how many more likes a post of a quote or a nice photo gets compared to a well written personal account of overcoming challenges, or sharing a personal experience of an event.

We seem to feel uncomfortableĀ  with becoming personal.

Wise words of a guru may inspire you but it will not change your life. What will though is that you consciously walk your own journey and share it with others. Not the fancy stuff, not the pretences or the photos of lovely places – they are nice to look at them surely – but the insight you have gained by walking this specific journey, having seen that scenery, reading that book, meeting that friend for a coffee.

What have you learnt about yourself and the world around you as a result of that particular experience?

What have you become aware of that could maybe be let go of?

What magnificent newness have you realized about yourself?

Let’s get real! Let’s get deep!