“The Providence of God is His care over his works.”

“His children are assured of His providential care in all their concerns. Its acts are threefold; preservation, co-operation, and government. He controls all things for the highest good of the whole; Providence displays God’s omnipresence, holiness, justice and benevolence.”

“Nothing is really small with God. He hangs the most momentous weights on little wires.”

“He that denies providence denies God’s attributes, His omniscience which is the eye of providence, His mercy and justice which are the arms of providence, His power which is its life and motion, His wisdom which is the rudder whereby providence is steered, and holiness the compass and rule of its motion.” (Bible)

*divine guidance or care

*God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny

*the quality or state of being provident (dictionary)

Well, I am into providence these days. So, what I did is what probably most would do, checked the Bible and the dictionary. Words, words, words. Words say providence is provision and care that is all compassing and constantly present. Why don’t I feel it then? Maybe it is my perception of providence that is distorted! I always thought care meant being actually cared for and in result I would feel safe. Very distorted in deed. I don’t think God understands the concept of safety, since I don’t think he has an idea of fear or insecurity either. Therefore when he provides he provides what He thinks is the best and most needed at a time. The only problem is that I find it challenging to feel provided when I don’t have what I think I need. He may provide me with His Love and Care, I just don’t get it because in my mind there is something completely different I need like money and food.

It is not about happiness, it is simply about needs. Need for security. I know and feel his Love for me unquestionably. I simply don’t feel safe in the world and it does not matter how much I am aware of the craziness of my wish to feel safe (since there is no such think down here), that part of me who is made of flash and matter wants to know that it is sustained well until its time. Understandable.

Well, providence does not care much about that, I guess.

Thus, Faith comes to my rescue!