We are limited reflections to one another.

We reflect our stubborness in our limitations.

I am stubborn and unwilling to enter the Grace of God and stay there.

She is stubborn and unwilling to let of the illusion that she is there already.

We must have it in our own way.

She is all in the head imagining stuff.

I am all in my head being clever about stuff.

She searches for the signs.

I search for evidence.

She does not allow feedback to touch her and support her to spring out of her troubles.

I do not allow His love to melt me and support me out of my troubles.

She is adamant that she has reached the fullness of her life and has embraced it all.

I am adamant to avoid embracing the wholeness of my Life.

She believes she knows who she is while not noticing that her limitations define her.

I know who I am without experiencing it. I believe that my limitations define me.

We both think the other is mistaken and rather ridiculous in her limitations.

We are stubborn in our wrongness.

She thinks she has God in her life.

I pretend I don’t have God in my life.

She pretends she hears Him.

I know I hear Him though I won’t admit to it.

She blames others.

I blame myself.

We reflect what we deny about ourselves that is unexpressed.

Neither of us embraces who we truly are.

We both pretend to be someone different from who we actually are. At the same time we reflect each other’s true nature and show who we are inherently meant to be.

She pretends to be holy.

I pretend to be fierce.

She is the wolf pretending to be the lamb.

I am the lamb pretending to be the wolf.


She is meant to be the protective Wolf, the one who allows the Lamb to be available to the world.

I meant to be the Lamb.


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