Why scream? Why would you scream like a four year old? Why do you behave if you were a helpless infant? What do you need that you can’t get otherwise only via pretending to be a child? What do you try and avoid? Why afraid of being taken seriously?

Nothing to worry about, as long as you behave helpless, you will be treated accordingly.

You are surrounded with firm guidance because you create fear in the other. They don’t know what to expect, so they try and make sure you don’t paint around the freshly refurbished walls. You would probably do it in an instant then stand wide-eyed wondering why others are so upset, since you are having such great fun.

Life revolves around you. That is your pay-off for all the pain and humiliation you must suffer.

Why would you scream? You get what you set yourself up for.


Why don’t you love me when I yell? It is only fear screaming behind closed doors and 6 feet high walls.

“Instead of returning harsh words to match theirs, all you need do is cure them with gentleness. When they throw the hard ball of anger at you, you catch it and return the soft ball of gentleness. You play with it. Pretty soon their anger will be transformed into loving and upliftment.”

You, supposedly, just don’t hear my cry out behind my scream. You don’t notice that I am loud only because I need to be noticed. You could be happy that I am straight and up-front, not sneaky like a snake coming from behind you with a smile and a knife.

You could just stay still and wait. You could just hold the light for me until my fear disperses and become open to your kindness and loving again.

Please have the patience with me and I will blossom into the sweetest and kindest creature you have ever accoutered. Just wait…

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