Between you and me there is a rock.
I thought you had built it, but then I realized
It is me who keeps the distance between us.
I have been climbing my rock for years now,
and occasionally I sense your presence on the other side.
Sometimes I even see your smiling face inviting me,
ensuring I never give up reaching you one day.

My rock is solid and encompasses all I missed as a child.
It had been build to protect me from harm,
though it eventually had grown so much it blocked me from your sight.
I call my rock ‘sec-u-r’.
It took me a long time to realize that my rock is only a false creation.
It only pretends to be what it actually means.
I always thought that my sense of security lied
in my own strong hands, my infallible heart, and my unquestionable sense of duty.

Though, I have been wrong all along
‘Secure’ means safe in You.