Servant of Love

This morning I asked God why He gives me this amazing ability, this heightened level of perception to see beyond the surface, that I call intelligence? I questioned why he allowed me to have access to such great depths of this world if I cannot make others see this world? I complained that He wasted my talent because no matter how hard I tried to explain what I can perceive nobody could understand it. This endless struggle also makes me feel very lonely.

He said nothing in response.

Some time later my old lady came downstairs. We had some chit-chat about the newspapers then we discussed what to have for breakfast. As I was leaving the room, my old lady called after and said: “I shall miss you!”

“Thank you for saying that!” I responded and tears started to run down on my face.

Suddenly, I heard God’s voice and the answer came to my morning complaint. Nobody may get it but they do feel it. You do things with love. You care.

I took the breakfast to my old lady that I had prepared for her – toast with butter and marmalade and some bakery sweets. She looked at the plate and said:

“How pretty!”

I am in service of Love with everything I do. Love cannot be understood. It is just IS.


As soon as, however, I try to make it understood, the Mind steps in. The Mind starts to analyse and understand the personality, the actions and reactions, which are Its own creations.

Separation sets in. Love has withdrawn.

Love is like a soft summer wind. It can only be felt until one stands still.

At the same time, the Mind can be a great tool to support existence in the physical. We must be careful, however, how we use It wisely, because, initially, the Mind is the servant of Fear not of Love and Its first reaction is always to move towards Fear.

The mind needs to be trained to follow Love’s lead.