Shreds of Thought

The wounded are the best healers.

I would like to give the kids in my care the opportunity to know God, or rather I’d like to prevent them from loosing God’s Love.

I don’t seem to be able to heal myself or give myself back what is lost. I seems to be lost forever. But I wish to help the kids to recognize God within themselves, that the are co-creators with God and in His Power they are safe. So, they do not need to sell out, they do not have to become powerless creatures in the storm of emotions. They can learn to recognize His Power invested in them and consciously hold onto that power through meditation and  praying. They can know God and not lost in the world.

I wish teens could understand that living in mystical love is a state of continuous orgasm of the soul. The body does not understand the soul’s desire for ecstasy. The body thinks that its pleasured state is the best place to be. How wrong. The pleasure that the soul brings about through its connectios with its originator is the deepest pleasure of all.


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